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In this city of Reims, the coronation of the kings of France, in this birthplace of John Baptist de La Salle (1651-1719), it is here and it is thus that the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools was born in the 17th century: from Reims to the five continents, an Educational Fraternity develops an art of leading schools so that men are born in humanity! A school as a place of life where, based on realities and needs, the formation and integral growth of man are played out.

The visit of the Hôtel de La Salle, animated by conversations, invites you to meet John Baptist de La Salle in his house, his time, at the heart of his mission. You will read passages from his writings and discover in images the richness and fruitfulness of his first intuition which, even today, is still lived in the heart of the contemporary world by Brothers and lay people in 80 countries around the world, together and associated.

Enjoy your visit!

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